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Twitter plans to allow creators to sell tickets to live audio events

Twitter has unveiled plans to allow creators on its audio-only platform Spaces to sell tickets to attendees joining rooms on the platform.

The social media giant announced the new feature, called Ticketed Spaces, on Monday in its first monetisation move for the new Spaces platform.

In the coming months, a limited group will be able to host Ticketed Spaces. Those hosts will earn the majority of the revenue from ticket sales, while Twitter said it will keep an unspecified “small amount”.

The launch is part of a wider announcement that its Twitter Spaces feature is opening up more broadly and is now available to any account with 600 followers or more.

Twitter Spaces allows users to host and participate in live audio conversations, with anyone on iOS and Android able to join and listen in on a Space.

Twitter said the forthcoming feature will allow hosts to set ticket prices as well as decide how many tickets are available to each event.

The move comes as rival platform Clubhouse launched an in-app donations feature as a means of monetising events for creators in March. The audio streaming social networking app allows users to listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions between people on various topics, almost like a live podcast.

The firm has been building Spaces in public and has built out an expanded set of audience management controls after users made requests.

Twitter also announced a host of additional features for Spaces in its announcement on Monday, including co-hosting, which allows multiple Twitter users to host rooms on Spaces together, and the ability to schedule rooms for later instead of putting them separately on their calendars. Twitter also said it is improving the live captions feature on Spaces.