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LIVE survey reveals high demand for tickets in UK

Over 70 per cent of music fans in the UK have purchased new tickets for events, according to a new survey, despite industry concerns over engagement after reopening.

Live music Industry Venues and Entertainment (LIVE), a new live music business trade body in the UK, found “extremely encouraging” results in its national survey of 25,000 live fans in April.

The ReviveLive report shows that of the 73 per cent of fans that have booked tickets for future events already, over half have purchased tickets for more than one event. The youngest age groups have been the quickest out of the gate with 66 per cent of under 24s buying multiple tickets already.

The survey highlights that most fans have bought tickets for events within the next six months, with 42 per cent gearing up for events in July.

In addition, LIVE found that over 75 per cent of respondents said they would be happy to attend a live music event if a method of COVID-19 certification was in place in order to gain entry.

More than half said they were ready to make an immediate return to live music, with a further 25 per cent willing to return with safety measures in place, including hand sanitiser stations, temperature checking and one-way systems.

On the other hand, over 41 per cent said they would be put off attending a live music event if they had to wear a face mask, with 32 per cent of fans rejecting socially distanced seating at live events.

Some 85 per cent of the live music fans surveyed said they were planning on attending either the same or a higher number of live music events when they recommence than before the pandemic.

The survey indicated that around 70 per cent of fans engaged with live music online since March 2020 when the industry came to a grinding halt. These kinds of events are unlikely to disappear with one in four fans interested or very interested in attending online.

Greg Parmley, chief executive of LIVE, said: “After a devastating year for the live music industry it is fantastic to see the strength of feeling from fans across the UK who are desperate to get back to live music events. The industry has worked tirelessly to ensure that we can return as quickly and safely as possible.

“It is notable that fans are willing to live with short-term mitigation measures in order to get back to live music as quickly as possible, with three quarters saying that they would be happy with a COVID-certification system as part of those measures.”

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