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OGC Nice promotes subscription model to assist hard-up fans

French Ligue 1 team OGC Nice has partnered with personal finance specialist Ideel as it launches monthly ticket subscription packages ahead of the return of fans next season.

Citing concerns about affordability due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, the club – which finished ninth in France’s top flight in 2020-21 – is promoting monthly subscriptions and has also created a ‘Purchasing Power Program’ to ensure they will benefit from their membership. Accessible from July 10, the platform has been designed so that subscribers can offset all or part of the cost of their packages.

Nice has tasked Ideel with initiating a personalised support service to optimise subscriptions. Ideel is a start-up that offers services designed to help with the management of household contracts, including the cancellation of unnecessary payments and subscriptions.

Nice has also partnered with loyalty programme provider Reducbox, meaning club subscribers benefit from offers and discounts across a number of services and goods.

Jean-Pierre Rivère, president of OGC Nice, said: “By launching our subscription campaign, we are looking forward to reuniting with our supporters, the shared emotions and the songs that drive the team.

“Because the health crisis has created economic difficulties for many households, the club’s teams have mobilised all their energy to set up the Purchasing Power Program, which will allow our subscribers not to have to choose between reason and passion.”

Monthly subscribers can reserve their places in the Populaire Sud and Ray ends from €12.10 per month, with the Garibaldi stand at €20.75. Subscribers’ seats will be reserved for all league matches and they also receive benefits such as tours of the stadium.

Rivère added: “Thanks to their subscriber card, everyone will have automatic and free access to numerous offers negotiated with hundreds of brands. Food, household appliances, toys, cinema, DIY, cosmetics, etc. The choice is very wide, so that everyone can keep their daily habits, including their hobbies, but paying less. We hope, modestly, to give a helping hand. And that this will allow no one to be left behind.”