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Research reveals ticketing insurance confusion

New research has found that around three in 10 people are now more likely to pay for ticket insurance ahead of attending gigs or major events due to Covid-19, although consumers are unclear about what their refund entitlements are.

Which? asked 2,000 UK consumers what they thought ticket insurance policies would cover in terms of pandemic-related cancellations. Whereas 41% believed they would be covered during a national lockdown, 35% thought they would be covered if an event cannot go ahead due to a local lockdown.

Just over a quarter believed they would be covered if told to self-isolate by the NHS Test & Trace app and a similar percentage assumed they could claim a refund if advised against travelling due to regional restrictions.

In the event of a national or local lockdown or mandatory self-isolation, guidance from the Competition and Markets Authority suggests consumers should be able to expect a refund, and would therefore not require an insurance policy.

However, the situation is less clear when consumers are following government advice rather than a legal requirement – such as advice not to travel outside a certain area. In these situations, consumers may need insurance to get a refund.

Which? explored five of the most prominent ticket insurers, and almost all of the policies covered consumers if they test positive for Covid-19 – but only one in four (25%) people thought this would be the case.

Adam French, Which? consumer rights expert, said: “With more and more people tempted by ticket insurance during the pandemic, many don’t know what it would cover them for and could be buying insurance assuming that it covers them for all Covid disruptions.

“Consumers should check the terms and conditions carefully to see if it’s worth buying insurance and should remember that if an event is cancelled or postponed due to lockdown rules, primary ticket sellers have to offer a refund.”