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Activity Stream set to open US office

Information and technology services company Activity Stream has said that the live entertainment industry is in need of data insights to assist the reopening of the sector, with TheTicketingBusiness.com understanding that it is set to open a US office. 

To expand into the US, Activity Stream is to open a New York office in order to grow its international presence and assist in the reopening of the US live entertainment industry. 

The company offers insights for the entertainment sector around marketing and communication efforts, as well as understanding customer demographics and their behaviour. 

To gather information, Activity Stream encourages analysing the current services provided, connecting with organisations, understanding their needs and providing them with the right tools to make sure their event is successful. 

Activity Stream predicts that its opening of the New York office will happen in the autumn months of this year. In September, chief executive officer of the company Einar Sævarsson will relocate to the US, to expand the sales and customer success team.

Sævarsson said: “I’m extremely excited to be launching this next chapter for the company. We have seen very significant growth in the US over the last 12 months, and it feels like a natural next step fro the company to set up a presence closer to our clients, our US partners and further build on the growth and very strong interest we are seeing. 

“I can’t wait to see where this takes us.”

In preparation of the company’s move into the US market, Activity Stream has launched a new platform, a new website and Activate, which is an email campaign tool. 

Activity Stream has also already secured partnerships with entertainment and ticketing companies Shubert Organisation in New York and AXS in California. 

The company currently has offices in Belgrade, Serbia, Copenhagen, Denmark and Reykjavik, Iceland, and they will remain operational. 

Image: Oliver Niblett on Unsplash

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