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Danish venues to operate without COVID-19 protocols

Danish cinemas, venues and stadiums will be able to open fully from September without visitors needing to provide any proof of vaccination against COVID-19, a negative test or natural immunity. 

Denmark was one of the first countries to allow businesses to reopen after a lockdown earlier this year by launching a coronavirus passport scheme at the end of April.

Some venues like museums had already been allowed to drop the entry requirements from August 1, but now most venues will be able to operate without these protocols from September 1. However, nightclubs and large events such a football matches will still require a coronavirus passport until September 10.

In a statement, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said: “This epidemic is under control, we have record high vaccination rates. Therefore, on September 10, we can drop some of the special rules we have had to introduce in the fight against Covid-19. 

“The government has promised not to hold on to the measures any longer than was necessary, and there we are now. But even though we are in a good place right now, we are not out of the epidemic. And the government will not hesitate to act quickly if the pandemic again threatens important functions in our society.”

The Health Minister also said that Denmark was able to move forward without restrictions due to “large vaccination support” and “strong epidemic control”. 

Denmark has fully vaccinated more than 70% of its population, and there have been just over 2,500 deaths in the country since the pandemic began in early 2020. 

Image: Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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