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AC Milan suspends ticket sales following fan uproar

Italian Serie A side AC Milan announced yesterday (Sunday) that there would be a temporary suspension of ticket sales for the club’s upcoming UEFA Champions League group matches. 

The Italian team will be in the Champions League for the first time in seven years, but when tickets went on sale, AC Milan fans realised the prices were much higher than that of Inter Milan’s ticket prices for its Champions League group games. The two Milan-based clubs share the San Siro stadium. 

AC Milan’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis responded to fans by saying that every decision was “made only in the best interest of the club” and its fans. 

A price for a seat at one of the ends for AC Milan’s Group B match against Spanish club Atletico Madrid on 28 September was priced at €119 (£102/ $141), while an Inter Milan ticket for its match against Real Madrid was €48.

Gazidis said: “We are still facing the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the club suffered greatly from your absence from the stadium for the last 18 months, particularly in terms of the emotions and energy in the stadium, but also the impact on the club’s financial position.

“As such, we have re-evaluated our decision and will make adjustments to the pricing for Champions League matches to a level which we believe to be fair. Ticket sales will be temporarily suspended and reopened in due course with a revised pricing approach.” 

He also said that ticket sales were an “important part” of making the club work both financially and for the fans.

AC Milan will also take on Portuguese team Porto and English Premier League club Liverpool in Group B. 

Image: elimirana on Unsplash