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Ticketpass launches own resale platform

Ticketing company Ticketpass has launched its own resale platform. 

The secondary ticketing marketplace will allow ticket holders to resell their tickets up to face-value cost or pass on their tickets to somebody else. 

Ticketpass, which aims to be ethical and champion event organisers and attendees and donates 50% of its ticket booking fees to charity, hopes to ‘eliminate ticket touts by launching [a] fair and friendly resale platform’ the company said in a press release.

Founder and chief executive Rodrigo Bautista said: “Ticketpass organisers now have access to their own face-value secondary marketplace. Ultimately, this means selling more tickets, as customers have the opportunity to resell or share their tickets when they’re not able to attend. 

“Given issues Covid-19 presents, organisers need to be providing this level of confidence to attendees.”  

The secondary ticketing market can often be a breeding ground for ticket touts which means that customers can pay far more than the face value of a ticket. Ticketpass believes its own platform will help to eliminate this ‘negative entity within the events industry’. 

Head of customer success Darren Connaughton added: “In recent years, the resale industry for ticketing has been nothing but a frustrating experience for fans of music and sports. 

“We need to make it impossible for anyone to make massive profits from the resale of a ticket for an event, as genuine fans are the losers in that existing process.”

Image: Leslie del Moral on Unsplash