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Evvnt brings Chambers on Board

Discovery, marketing and ticketing platform Evvnt has announced that industry veteran Tim Chambers will be joining the Evvnt board. 

Chambers has over 30 years of experience in the live entertainment and ticketing industry, including roles with Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Chambers was also previously the founder of discovery platform TicketWeb. 

Evvnt has sold over two million tickets to local, live events across the globe. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Evvnt relocated from the UK to the US with the goal of partnering with local media publishers in order to access event promoters. 

Evvnt has also acquired US-based Geotix last year, which resulted in adding a ticketing arm to its operations. 

Richard Green, founder and chief executive of Evvnt, told TheTicketingBusiness.com: “Tim will be joining an already strong Board at Evvnt who include Casey Cowell (US Robotics) and Peter Newton (Gatehouse). Tim will be bringing to the table his deep ticketing industry knowledge and an exceptional network of ticketing professionals at a global level, that we can lean on to navigate our unique ticketing and marketing offering. 

“Tim has worked with Evvnt over the past five years as a consultant and mentor, which helped keep our business on track and following our acquisition of Geotix, now feels the right time to bring Tim into the business as we look to grow our ticketing platform. 

“With the events industry relaunching post-Covid, we are in a strong position ready for US and international expansion and looking to establish significant media partnerships globally.  Tim is a very well respected, seasoned professional and we are looking to him to give us the edge as we navigate the busy world of event ticketing.”

Chambers added: “Evvnt has a unique position in the industry, having started out as a powerful, automated marketing platform for events, it has now developed into an event ticketing platform following its acquisition of Geotix. 

“This puts Evvnt in a strong position to compete with some of the ticketing pure-plays out there in the sector, but with its additional event discovery and marketing platform, it has an extra string to its bow that other ticketing companies don’t have. 

“Ticketing with inbuilt, automated and effective marketing is every promoter’s dream.” 

Image: gage Reagan on Unsplash

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