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Tickets fly off the shelf for Taiwan star

Taiwanese singer A-mei is planning a spectacular return at Taipei Arena (pictured) with the first batch of 130,000 tickets for the multi-date concert series selling out in under 10 minutes.

Tickets were available via ticketing marketplace tixCraft and A-mei’s record label, EMI Records, said that around 320,000 fans were on the site after the tickets were released.

A-mei will perform across 12 nights between April 1-16, with the stage boasting an extended section that can seat a total of 200 attendees. The section will provide an immersive experience for fans at the concert, with transparent seats installed to allow attendees to enjoy the show’s LED floors.

The Taipei dates are part of A-mei’s upcoming ASMR World Tour.

However, there have also been reports that some fans are upset by a ticketing policy that requires attendees at the concert to provide their name and ID number before they will be admitted to the Taipei Arena. This led to roughly 800 refund requests from fans that had submitted the incorrect information.

According to reports, the organiser then reversed its decision and will allow those that had input the wrong information to enter the concert, with fans believing this aids potential ticket scalpers.

Image:【J】/CC-BY-2.0/Edited for size