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Consumer rights defender refers secondary ticketing platform to prosecutor’s office

Codacons, an Italian non-profit association that defends the rights of consumers and the environment, has lodged a complaint with the Verona Public Prosecutor’s Office, after a secondary ticketing platform attempted to sell a Måneskin ticket for €1.2m (£1m/$1.35m).

Måneskin, the Italian rock band that won Eurovision 2021, are due to perform at the Verona Arena on April 28.

Codacons president Carlo Rienzi said: “Tickets for the Måneskin concert at the arena have literally been snapped up on the official sales channels, to appear in these hours on secondary ticketing sites at astronomical prices.

“Some platforms are offering tickets to the public with rates ranging from €4,000 to €1.18m for a front row seat in front of the stage. An astronomical increase, if we consider that on the official sales channels, the maximum price of a ticket was €86.25.”

Along with presenting the complaint to the Verona Public Prosecutor’s Office, Codacons asked for all tickets relating to the Måneskin concert being sold at higher prices than the official price list, to be seized.

The association is also asking for the ‘blackout’ of all the websites offering these inflated tickets to the public, as well as a criminal investigation to be launched against online touts, for the crimes of aggravated fraud and manipulation.

Image: Måneskin/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size