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US indie venues struggle with up to 50% ticket holder no-shows

The US-based National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) has said that independent venues across the country are facing no-show rates of almost 50%.

A NIVA representative made the claim in a US House Small Business Committee hearing, called ‘The Power, Peril, and Promise of The Creative Economy’.

The organisation was originally formed in March 2020 during the first coronavirus outbreak and represents independent music venues, promoters and festivals across the US.

Raeanne Presley, who represented NIVA during the remote hearing, said: “Today, the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic continues. Traditionally, about 5% of ticket buyers don’t attend performances. But now, sagging consumer condense is causing national no-show rates as high as 50%.

“This is devastating because most of our venues rely on in-house sales to pay core bills. We are also now confronted with increased costs due to inflation. Just in the past month, I’ve received notices of impending price increases from our trash hauler to our concession suppliers to our janitorial service.”

Presley co-owns Presley’s Country Jubilee in Branson, Missouri, a theatre that first opened in 1967 and hosts comedy and a mix of country and gospel live performances.

Back in December, the Wall Street Journal reported that as many as 20% didn’t even attend gigs by major bands like The Eagles.

No-shows are also a growing issue in the UK, with as many as 40% not turning up to some gigs.

Image: Ryan Arnst on Unsplash