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NFL announces four-year extension with Ticketmaster 

The National Football League (NFL) and ticketing giant Ticketmaster have extended their league-wide ticketing partnership.

The deal was announced at the NFL’s Annual League Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida. The NFL reached its decision after a review was made into the partnership by full ownership.

Ticketmaster will continue to provide secondary ticketing services on behalf of the league and the clubs across the partnership’s four-year extension, taking the relationship into 2026. The deal also includes the option for clubs to utilise Ticketmaster’s primary ticketing services.

In a communication from the NFL, the league said: “Ticketmaster has committed to continue operating the league’s first-of-its-kind ‘open’ system for ticketing, which enables fans to find verified NFL tickets across multiple ticket marketplaces.”

The new deal will aim to further evolve the NFL’s ‘open’ ticketing system, which has been designed to provide seamless and secure ticket buying and game day entry experiences.

Ticketmaster also recently renewed its partnership with Kraft Sports and Entertainment, which owns the NFL’s New England Patriots, New England Revolution in Major League Soccer (MLS) and Gillette Stadium, where the teams play their home games.

The ticketing company will facilitate ticketing for all games, concerts and events held at the 65,878-capacity Gillette Stadium.

Image: Adrian Curiel on Unsplash