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SquadUp unveils NFT ticketing plans via new platform

SquadUp, the white-label ticketing and event management platform, has unveiled a new NFT ticketing platform via a partnership with Sidechain.

The NFT.SquadUP.com tool, already available via beta access, will allow organisers to create and sell their own NFTs tickets in an auction format. Attendees will be able to convert tickets into NFTs, complete with Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP).

The partners said strategic collaborations with new and existing customers will be announced in the coming weeks, with the NFT options designed to enhance guest experience.

Los Angeles-headquartered SquadUp, which is active in both the event festival and multi-day industry, has worked with Tribeca Festival and James Beard Foundation as well as New York City Wine and Food Festival. More than 1,200 organisers and promoters use SquadUp’s ticketing and event management software.

Sidechain, which is based in San Francisco, is built on the Solana blockchain which the company says offers speed and low transaction fees.

Sam Mogil, chief executive and co-founder of SquadUP, said: “Our partnership with Sidechain allows us to take our technology capabilities and event experience to the next level for our clients and their guests.”

Last year, SquadUp partnered with Groupon’s Connect API platform, bringing tickets from its promoters’ events to millions of consumers.

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