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South Korea crowds able to cheer again 

South Korea’s music and sports fans will be able to cheer and clap once more, after COVID-19 measures which saw attendees unable to share their appreciation were removed.

Last month as K-Pop superstars BTS (pictured) took to the stage in their hometown of Seoul, a 10,000-strong crowd was only able to support the band by waving glow sticks while seated. There were three shows held at the 69,950-capacity Jamsil Olympic Stadium in March, but restrictions saw limited attendances.

Sports fans will also be able to cheer on their teams, in particular baseball, as the Korea Baseball Organisation (KBO) has eased the ban on cheering, chanting, shouting and eating at most stadiums. Spectators will still be required to wear masks however.

In a statement to AFP, the league said: “Cheering will be allowed at all stadiums where KBO League games are held.” The K League, South Korea’s football league system, also told AFP that it would be lifting its restrictions on crowd noise but cheering was not “actively encouraged”.

Following the removal of the restrictions, the weekend’s baseball games witnessed a surge in attendances, with The Korea Herald attributing this to fans being able to cheer on their teams again. While fans are still banned from eating, drinking and cheering at the same time, being able to cheer – even with a mask on – has enabled three ballparks to establish season-high attendances.

Image:  I DARE U JK/CC BY 3.0/Edited for size