CTS Eventim Sports and Berlin-based digital company Luckyshot have come together to aid the digitalisation of club administration. 

Through Luckyshot’s product Campai, Eventim Sports will be able to offer clients the ability to digitise club administration, manage memberships, club communication, and accounting and finances. 

Clubs working with Eventim Sports can integrate their membership management offering with the Eventim Sports product platform, and utilise the benefits of Campai’s cloud solution. Membership management can be made easier, with forms, applications, surveys and registrations all completed and managed digitally. 

Member ID cards, which can be stored digitally in mobile wallets, can be found again quickly and will not be lost. Service-orientated communication can take place easily and membership fees are withdrawn with a few clicks via a bank interface. 

Eventim Sports’ interface Tixx-Connect will integrate Campai’s membership management in its in-house product platform, ensuring uniform membership data in all departments. 

Membership information is automatically transferred to Tixx-CRM to provide a whole view of the fan. Membership information also appears in the campaign management tool Tixx-Campaign in order to send individual mailings. The two modules from the Eventim Sports product platform are linked automatically with Campai.

Image: Emilio Garcia on Unsplash