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Remaining World Cup tickets to go on sale

World football governing body, FIFA has announced that remaining tickets for this year’s World Cup in Qatar are set to go back on sale next week, now that all 32 qualifying teams are known. 

A total of 1.8 million tournament tickets have already been sold, with roughly two million available. 

The tickets will go on sale on July 5 at 11am CET or 12 noon in Doha. They will be sold on a first-come first-served basis, unlike previous sales phases, which saw fans apply for tickets. 

In the latest round of sales, the top 10 countries for fans purchasing tickets were Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the UAE and the US. 

Individual match tickets will be available across all four price categories, with category four tickets reserved solely for residents of Qatar. 

Category four tickets were available to residents for as little as QAR 40 (£8/$11/€10), some of the cheapest World Cup tickets since the 1986 edition in Mexico. 

Fans will be able to purchase up to six tickets per match and a maximum of 60 tickets across the whole tournament. 

Because of the unique set-up of this year’s World Cup, and the close proximity between each stadium, fans have the ability to attend more than one group game on the same day at the beginning of the tournament. 

Image: Visit Qatar on Unsplash