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Delay for Andhra Pradesh’s Government-run cinema ticketing platform 

A high court in India has delayed a new online movie ticketing system, which was set to be launched at the weekend, in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has delayed the State Government from going ahead with the new online cinema ticketing portal, until July 27 when the final hearing is set to be held.

There is backlash surrounding the proposed Government-operated online portal as it would have a negative impact on private ticket booking businesses, such as BookMyShow.

Other organisations such as the Multiplex Association of India and Vijayawada Exhibitor’s Association have also challenged the proposed launch of a Government-run ticketing booking platform.

The group of organisations and companies argue that their business is already affected by a number of terms and conditions from the Government, which would deprive them of equal opportunities and a better sales environment.

The idea of a Government-run cinema ticketing platform was first introduced in November last year, and in March the state was close to selecting a business to operate the portal.

Image: Jonatan Moerman on Unsplash