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SoFi Stadium speeds up entry and security process

SoFi Stadium, which is home to the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, has implemented new security and ticket scanning equipment to improve safety and security when entering the stadium.

National Football League (NFL) fans that attended the pre-season game between the Rams and Houston Texans were able to experience the new speeded-up entry process for the first time.

As attendees approach the 70,000-capacity stadium, they will be met by staff to ensure they are complying with the NFL and SoFi Stadium’s Clear Bag policy, and do not have any prohibited items on their person.

Fans will then be asked to tap or scan their mobile tickets using one of the new hands-free pedestal scanners, located at all entry points.

It is hoped that the new ticket scanners will increase throughput into the stadium, with fans encouraged to have mobile tickets ready in their mobile wallet, in the Rams or Ticketmaster mobile app or on mobile web.

Tickets in the mobile wallet will have a barcode-less ticket and fans can tap the back of the phone beneath the screen on the pedestal scanner. There is no need for a barcode if the ticket is in the mobile wallet as entry will utilise NFC technology. If the ticket is on mobile web or in a mobile app, it will have a rotating barcode which will need to be held under the red light.

SoFi Stadium has also improved its security and has contracted Evolv Technology to use its weapons detection security screening tech at all events, starting this season.

The system uses sensor technology to spot any potential danger from weapons or prohibited devices. Fans are able to walk through without removing anything from their pockets or clear bags, meaning no searches for all metal objects or if a guest forgets to remove an item. Additional security screening may be required in certain circumstances.

Image: Grant Thomas on Unsplash