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Formula 1 fans voice anger over British Grand Prix ticket pricing

Formula 1 fans have voiced their anger over tickets for next year’s British Grand Prix, after it was revealed that prices would increase based on demand. 

Silverstone organisers released information over ticket prices, and said that prices would automatically refresh every 90 seconds due to demand. 

The original update on ticketing on the Silverstone website read: “We’ll be on sale soon. When we are, you’ll need to book fast; our prices will increase based on demand. These prices will automatically refresh every 90 seconds.” 

However, following backlash from motorsport fans, organisers changed the wording. It now reads: “Make sure you’re one of the first to hear when 2023 tickets go on sale and sign up here. We’re expecting demand to be high so you’ll need to be fast!”

One fan responded to the possible dynamic pricing approach and said: “Wow, Silverstone are now hiking prices for the British GP based on demand on the site. Along with their new priority queue (which is now obviously connected). This is absolutely disgraceful. Regular F1 fans are going to be quickly outpriced by this greed.”

Another fan said: “I was planning to go…yeah don’t think it’s on the cards anymore. This is a disgusting money grab.” 

The British Grand Prix took place this year in front or record crowds, as Formula 1 continues to surge in popularity. 

Some 400,000 people were expected to descend on Silverstone Circuit in early July to witness Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz stand atop the podium, alongside Red Bull’s Sergio Perez and British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. 

Some 142,000 tickets were sold for race day, with tickets selling out in the shortest amount of time in the race’s history. 

Image: José Pablo Domínguez on Unsplash