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A 250% increase in complaints for Portuguese ticket-holders

Complaints surrounding ticketing in Portugal have soared by more than 250% compared to this time last year, according to Portal da Queixa (complaint portal).

The project was created by a technological start-up, the Consumers Trust in Portugal. It analysed complaints addressed to online ticket offices and event production companies.

Since the beginning of the year up to September 6, Portuguese ticket-holders have registered 901 complaints, a 254% increase compared to the same period last year.

The data also revealed that in relation to 2019, the volume of complaints was even more pronounced in 2022, exceeding a 1000% increase during the same period between January and September.

The main reasons for complaints range from issues with reimbursement (39%); ticket fraud (31%); and complaints about poor service (19%).

The top five online ticket offices that received the most complaints according to Portal da Queixa are See Tickets (189 complaints), Ticketline (166), Viagogo (79), Blueticket (56) and Festicket (34).

Image: Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash