ECHL names Vivenu as preferred ticketing partner

Featured image credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The ECHL has announced that primary ticketing software provider, Vivenu, has been made the hockey league’s preferred primary ticketing partner. 

Vivenu’s platform will enable teams to manage all aspects of their ticketing in one place and is also fully customisable. As part of the new partnership, Vivenu will waive all onboarding fees for ECHL teams. 

The ECHL is a coast-to-coast league with 28 teams across 20 states and two Canadian provinces, and was formerly known as the East Coast Hockey League. 

ECHL commissioner Ryan Crelin said: “This agreement with Vivenu is very exciting because it speaks to the continued focus in our League on connectivity between the various data points teams collect on how fans enjoy ECHL games.

“The Vivenue API will allow Teams to integrate the ticket-buying experience into many ways that fans are already interacting with them.”

Simon Weber, Vivenu co-founder and chief executive, US, added: “This great partnership will be a cornerstone for improving all aspects of the ticketing experience for clubs and fans alike. 

“The ECHL is a premiere league and we are glad to partner with them to supercharge their ticketing experience.”

Vivenu also recently announced that it opened a new tech hub in Darmstadt, Germany, and had ramped up its hiring strategy. 

In November last year, the Dusseldorf-headquartered company raised a further $50m (£42m/€57m) in a Series B investment round.