Masters ticket prices increase for 2023

Featured image credit: Soheb Zaidi on Unsplash

Golf fans will have to face increased ticket prices for this year’s Masters after Augusta National Golf Club released its latest round of badges. 

A weeklong Masters badge will set back guests $450 (£379/€429), an increase of roughly $75. According to executive editor of The Aiken Standard, John Boyette, the badges were $375 in 2022. 

This means that while the passes still present great value compared to other golf events, the $450 price tag is now the highest it has ever been for The Masters. 

According to an article from, the new prices are still cheaper than the PGA Championship and the US Open, and are similar to the that of the Open Championship. 

The article also reported that tickets for The Masters are quite elusive, with thousands entering the golf tournament’s lottery system hoping to eventually purchase ticks. 

Golf Digest noted that golf fans have a 0.55% chance of winning the right to purchase a daily ticket for The Masters in the lottery. 

The chance of being granted access to purchase tickets for all four tournament days is even less.