Sodexo Live! reveals full ownership of STH

Featured Image: Gonzalo Facello on Unsplash

Sodexo Live!, Sodexo’s dedicated business for sports, events and hospitality, has increased its current stake to 100% in STH (Sports, Travel and Hospitality), becoming the sole owner.

Since 2005, Sodexo Live! has worked in partnership with the Mike Burton Group to create STH, a provider of travel, hospitality and ticketing programmes. 

STH has worked to deliver travel and hospitality programmes for major sporting events including the last five Rugby World Cups, the Australian Open, ICC cricket tournaments and Roland Garros in France. 

The company hopes to grow and expand within the travel and hospitality market through the wholly-owned STH. 

Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, global chief executive for Sodexo Live!, said: “Developing travel and hospitality programmes with our clients is a key objective for Sodexo Live!

“STH high quality delivery of services and talented teams will reinforce our position as a strategic partner for our sports clients in stadia and for major international events. I am very excited about this opportunity, which will enable our clients to offer their fans an ever more memorable experience. Our ambition is to make Sodexo Live! the reference in the live events hospitality experiences.”