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TM updates site after consumer privacy investigation

Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash

Ticketmaster has made a series of changes to its US website after being found to be in breach of best practice guidelines concerning consumer privacy and data collection by third-party companies.

Ticketmaster acted after an investigation by the BBB National Programs (BBBNP), which oversees self-regulation programmes in areas such as advertising and marketing, was triggered by a customer complaint. BBBNP’s Digital Advertising Accountability Program (DAAP) observed data collection by third-party companies known to engage in interest-based advertising (IBA), but failed to locate a description of the third-party IBA practices occurring on its website or necessary language required to meet the Transparency Principle of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles (OBA Principles).

In response to DAAP’s inquiry, Ticketmaster conducted a comprehensive review intended to strengthen its compliance protocols and ensure they comply with DAA Principles. This included an update to its primary website footer to include a prominent and conspicuous link directing users to the Ad Choices page, providing enhanced notice, opt-out tools, and a statement of adherence to DAA Principles.

The company also incorporated changes to reflect Enhanced Notice through its Consent Management Platform (CMP) by providing additional links to third-party opt-out tools and disclosure of third-party interest-based advertising. To meet first-party enhanced notice requirements, Ticketmaster committed to updating its secondary website footer by changing the existing “Manage My Cookies” link to read “Manage My Cookies and Ad Choices.”

In its advertiser statement, Ticketmaster agreed to comply with DAAP’s recommendations and added: “Ticketmaster’s goal is to maintain the trust and confidence of its consumers by complying with global data protection laws to the highest standard and being transparent when it comes to the processing of our consumer’s data. We commend the Digital Advertising Accountability Program’s similar mission and dedication to compliance with the DAA self-regulatory requirements.”