CD Leganés offers unique digital plot membership

Featured Image: Edoardo Busti on Unsplash

Spanish Segunda División football club CD Leganés is set to offer its supporters a membership that will enable holders to win prizes throughout the season.

For the 2023-24 campaign, season ticket-holders and ‘Pepinero +’ members will be able to select a NFT (non-fungible token) in the from of a ‘digital plot’ in the 12,454-capacity Butarque Municipal Stadium. 

Owners of the ‘plots’ will have the chance of winning free ticket subscriptions for next season, signed t-shirts, VIP experiences or discounts in the official store. 

When Leganés scores a goal in a league match at home, the member that owns the plot from which the goal was scored will win a free subscription for the following season. If the assist is made from a member’s plot, they will win a signed t-shirt, while a yellow card in a plot will gain the owner a VIP experience. 

The point from which the referee signals the end of the match will offer the plot holder a 15% store discount, while a Lega goal will mean a 15% discount for all members. 

CD Leganés vice-president Eduardo Cosín said: “The club has always been a team that carries out innovative and disruptive campaigns. With the arrival of Blue Crow Sports we wanted to enhance this feature and, therefore, we have embarked on an unprecedented action in the world of football. We hope that all our fans will enjoy it and that, in the future, not only they but many other people around the world can have their digital plot (NFT) of the CD Leganés.”

In the first three hours of the NFT campaign, supporters acquired more than three hundred digital plots.