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Dice adds Groups feature to ticketing platform

Featured Image: DICE

Ticketing and live event discovery platform Dice has announced the launch of a new fan feature in the form of ‘Groups’.

Developed by Dice’s product team, Groups will help fans to connect with their friends and coordinate going out to events.

Fans using Dice will have the option to create a Group from their profile or when saving an event. Once friends have joined via an invite link, Group members can collectively vote on events they want to attend and see who else is interested.

Users will be notified of Group updates, including when people have bought tickets. Once everyone is ready to book, fans can checkout and purchase tickets individually or for the Group.

Dice said the tool will address evolving user behaviour trends on its platform, with a recent study showing 95% of fans out less since the pandemic would like to attend more events. However, with 28% saying they did not have anyone to attend with, Dice said Groups would help these fans.

“We’ve all made unforgettable shared memories and found our communities at shows – it shouldn’t feel like work to arrange your next night out,” said Dice president Russ Tannen.

“DICE’s mission from day one has been to get people out more. We’re proud to constantly innovate with fan-first features like Groups that make it easier than ever to enjoy live shows with your friends.”