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Spanish festival Primavera Sound will not return to Madrid 

Featured Image: Nate Hollandon Unsplash

Featured Image: Nate Hollandon Unsplash

Primavera Sound will not return to the Spanish capital of Madrid next year. 

Festival organisers have confirmed that the festival will not return to Madrid after its first dual-site event alongside usual host Barcelona. While Primavera Sound has taken place in Barcelona since 2001, this year saw the same line-up playing both locations.

Almudena Heredero, director of Primavera Sound Madrid, said: “Although both the city of Madrid and the whole region welcomed us with open arms, with a warmth that was mirrored in the institutions, the cultural agents and of course the audience, the external difficulties that the festival had to face in the final stretch of the pre-production gave rise to one of the most complicated events that Primavera Sound has ever had to face.

“And today, in the run-up to 2024, the city does not have a site able to host an event of this magnitude and format in terms of audience demands, production requirements, and musical show.”

She added: “As a consequence, although the evaluation of the festival was more than satisfactory on a musical level, the expectations we had were not fulfilled and the experience of the festival-goers due to several logistical aspects was not the desired one. Inside the Ciudad del Rock, we experienced a festival full of great musical moments, but we are not oblivious to the annoyances. And that leads us to understand that, now, the conditions are not right for Madrid to have a Primavera Sound as it deserves in 2024.”

Organisers were forced to cancel the opening day of Primavera Sound Madrid last month due to severe weather.

Primavera Sound will return in Barcelona from May 30 to June 2 next year.