Houston Police releases report into 2021’s Astroworld tragedy

Featured Image: Frank Schwichtenberg/(CC BY-SA 4.0)/Edited for size

The Houston Police Department has released a detailed report on the Astroworld tragedy, which took place during rapper Travis Scott’s headline performance in November 2021.

The event took place at Houston’s NRG Park on November 5 and a crowd crush resulted in the deaths of 10 people between the ages of nine and 27. Eight people died on the night of the performance, while two more died in the following days. The victims died as the result of compressive asphyxiation. 

Houston Police released the 1,266-page report, which featured eyewitness accounts from attendees, Astroworld organisers, police offers, medical staff, Scott himself and fellow rapper Drake (who also performed on the night), and more. 

In June, it was reported that Scott and some organisers of the Astroworld festival would not face criminal charges. 

The documents reveal that fans had yelled for the show to be stopped, while others tried to get out over the barriers to breathe freely. Some medics also said they were overwhelmed, while camera operators told police that they had witnessed attendees receiving CPR early on in Scott’s set. 

Security guard Marty Wallgren said that he told members of Scott’s team to end the show while Drake was performing, but Drake said that he did not receive the message to end the concert. Scott and Drake said that they could not see what was happening in the crowd due to the lighting.