Serbia’s Lovefest partners with NFT-TiX for 2023 event

Featured Image: Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Lovefest has partnered with platform NFT-TiX to offer tickets for this year’s festival, which is set to take place in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia from August 3-5.

The partnership will offer festival-goers a new experience, featuring exclusive VIP tickets and stage passes which are now available through the NFT-TiX platform. The NFT tickets will also serve as souvenirs and grant access to perks during the festival. 

The festival will feature artists such as 999999999, Adam Beyer, Charlotte De Witte and more. 

NFT-TiX has partnered with a number of festivals, including Serbia’s Exit Festival (where the platform was launched in 2022) and Albania’s Unum Festival. 

Earlier this year, NFT-TiX partnered with its first US event in the form of Breathe Convention, an event focused on accelerating the understanding and adoption of Web3 technology across a number of sectors.