Arsenal issues update on opening game’s entry problems

Featured Image: Nelson Ndongala on Unsplash

Premier League club Arsenal has issued an update on the delay to Saturday’s opening match against Nottingham Forest, which saw fans stuck outside of Emirates Stadium due to an entry issue.

The club has completed its investigation into the cause of the delay and confirmed that it was relating to “a small number of technology infrastructure issues combined to create the problem”. 

A statement added: “We have put in place a number of measures to remedy the issues and will continue to do extensive testing ahead of our next match on Saturday 26 August. 

“As a result of this issue, we have received a small number of reports from Apple iPhone users that their Digital Pass is showing as expired in their wallet. We kindly ask that you check the Digital Pass ahead of the next game you are attending.”

The club added that the issue was not related to a move to, the provision of, and the use of digital ticketing, its ticketing partners or suppliers. 

Saturday’s match was scheduled to kick-off at 12:30, but was delayed by half an hour as the stadium was largely empty due to fans being stuck at the turnstiles. 

The match eventually got underway at 13:00 with Arsenal going on to win 2-1. 

Arsenal’s statement added: “Thank you for your continued support and understanding.”