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Fyre Festival 2 pre-sale tickets sell out despite history, no line-up or location 

Featured Image: Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

Pre-sale tickets for the rebooted Fyre Festival have already sold out, according to its founder Billy McFarland. 

Fyre Festival was first developed by convicted fraudster McFarland six years ago, and was due to run across two weeks on a private beach in the Bahamas. Once guests arrived, it was clear that it was a scam with inadequate accommodation, and a lack of food and water. The supposedly luxury event would then become the subject of a Netflix documentary.

Despite the reputation, pre-sale tickets for spots one to 100 for Fyre Festival 2 have already reportedly sold out.

McFarland told TMZ: “We announced our first pre-sale on Sunday, they sold out very, very quickly.”

This was despite the lack of a line-up or a location. Tickets were priced at $499 (£394/€460), with further tiers to be revealed soon.

Time Out reported that a possible location could be in the Caribbean and that the festival is slated to take place in December next year.

According to a report from NME, McFarland messaged founders of major global festivals on Instagram to help revive Fyre Fest for a second edition, but they largely ignored him. However, once there was interest in turning the story into a Broadway musical, he started to receive responses.

McFarland was released from prison last year after serving just under four years for multiple counts of fraud. He was originally sentenced to six years.

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