Bills introduced in US states target exclusivity and speculative ticketing

Featured Image: Sebastian Ervi on Unsplash

Florida lawmakers have introduced a bill that would prohibit event venues that have accepted taxpayer money within the last 10 years from signing an exclusive contract with a ticketing firm. 

The sole-source contracts prevent a venue from selling tickets on a rival company’s platform. The bill would also eliminate hidden fees, meaning that the final price of the ticket would always be listed on the website.

SB 204 and its companion bill HB 177 were filed earlier this week by State Senator Jason Brodeur and State Rep. Alex Andrade.

Additionally, the bill would stop venues from forcing an artist to sell their tickets on a particular website.

Elsewhere, CBS News has reported that a bill to protect against ‘speculative ticketing’ in the US state of Pennsylvania is set to be passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Not only would the bill force ticket resellers to actually own the tickets before advertising or selling them on, but it would also enable consumers and venues to sue for any damages. It would also prevent resellers from using deceptive websites that make it look as if consumers are purchasing directly from the venue.

“I’m not trying to stop or restrict secondary sellers from stopping their trade. I’m merely calling for honesty and transparency in that process,” State Representative Rob Matzie told CBS News.