Ticketek launches online accessible ticket booking platform

TEG’s Ticketek has unveiled an online accessible ticket booking platform designed to simplify the purchasing process for people with disabilities in Australia.

Ticketek’s Accessible booking platform is already available on selected events at venues such as Allianz Stadium, Rod Laver Arena and Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The bespoke digital solution enables customers to choose specific seats within a venue to match their needs. They can buy both accessible and non-accessible tickets within the same transaction.

There are several types of accessible seating available through the new digital platform, including for customers who use wheelchairs, require easy access, have a vision impairment or use a hearing loop. Companion tickets can also be purchased – allowing fans with disabilities to redeem a complimentary companion ticket for any seat within a venue. Importantly, the new enhanced digital platform is an ‘always on’ experience for participating venues and events, which means fans can buy accessible seating tickets online and in real-time, including for high-demand events.

Ticketek said it has listened to customer feedback and consulted with government bodies, industry partners, and advocacy groups including Spinal Life Australia and the Physical Disability Council of NSW to improve the booking experience of people with disability.

How the Ticketek platform helps those with disabilities

Cameron Hoy, managing director at Ticketek, said the business wants to level the playing field for people with disabilities wishing to attend events where Ticketek is the authorised ticketing provider.

“At Ticketek we believe that all Australians should have equal opportunities to attend their favourite events,” Hoy said. “Offering an ideal purchasing experience for accessible seating is a project we hold close to our hearts. We are aware that the process has not been as easy as it should be to date, so we are delighted to be delivering this improved experience.

“Our engineers have built a truly world-class and equitable experience and I could not be more proud of our work and dedication to date.”

The move has been welcomed by disability advocate groups that have partnered with Ticketek on the project. According to Ticketek, around 1 in 6 people in Australia have a disability.

Ed Morris, chief executive of the Physical Disability Council of NSW said: “Most people take for granted that they can book tickets to events online in a matter of seconds. But bookings for accessible seating have usually been taken over the phone or by email. This adds delay and inconvenience. For many people with disability means they ultimately miss out on attending concerts and events.”

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