Budapest’s World Athletics Championships aim for inclusion with free ticket initiative

Featured Image: Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

The World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 and the Civil Roads Foundation have introduced a goodwill partnership that will see free tickets offered to those facing challenging circumstances. 

With the aim of promoting social inclusion, free tickets will be offered to those with large families, children in foster care, people with disabilities and even those that have lost family members due to COVID-19.

The organisers of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest this summer are looking to make the event as accessible as possible.

“Our aim is to ensure that everyone becomes part of this exceptional event, welcoming the world as a unified community,” said Alexandra Szentkirályi, a spokesperson for the Hungarian Government.

“We believe in building communities, spending time together, and sharing experiences. This is precisely what the Goodwill Partnership with the Civil Roads Foundation represents, as we provide free entry to the World Championships for thousands of people in need through the Foundation’s network of 50 partner organisations.”

Balázs Németh, chief executive of Budapest 2023, added: “Our sustainability program encompasses not only environmental initiatives such as tree planting, forest restoration, and PET bottle collection, but also the endeavour to make the World Championships accessible to all, including those who may face obstacles in attending. Through the collaboration with the Civil Roads Foundation, we are proud to offer thousands of individuals the opportunity to witness the wonder of the World Championships in August.”

Hungarian Paralympic athlete Luca Ekler has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for the initiative.

Ekler said: “As an athlete, I have always championed the importance of acceptance and equal opportunities. I am immensely proud to serve as an ambassador for the World Athletics Championships. The World Championships in Budapest will truly be the race of wonders, nine days filled with unforgettable experiences that should be witnessed by all. I am delighted that through the Goodwill program, thousands of people facing difficult circumstances will have the opportunity to experience this in person.”