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Ticket scalping subject of public discussion in South Korea

Featured Image: Jensie De Gheest from Pixabay

A public petition has been launched in South Korea regarding ticket scalping laws, according to reports. 

The Record Label Industry Association of Korea’s petition to revise ticket scalping laws in the country was reportedly submitted to the government, before being turned into a public discussion.

In the petition, Record Label Industry Association of Korea chairman Yoon Dong-hwan claimed that ticket scalping was “cancerous” to society.

As reported by Asia News, Yoon added: “As ticket scalping is on the rise, fraud is increasing. Such illegal acts that destroy the industry structure by exploiting fan sentiment should be punished as a felony, but in Korea, it cannot be punished even as a minor offence.”

The article added that the law in South Korea only covers ticket reselling at a premium at public entertainment venues, stadiums and transport hubs, with sales prohibited in these locations. This means that the law does not currently extend to ticket scalpers utilising online platforms.

With the petition being made public, the government must now garner opinion on the subject for 30 days before announcing the result within 90 days.