United Rugby Championship signs deal with Destination Sport Group, Sportsbreaks

Featured Image: James Coleman on Unsplash

United Rugby Championship, the rugby union competition that features teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa and Wales, has partnered with Sportsbreaks, the fan travel division of Destination Sport Group. 

While Destination Sport Group will take care of travel needs for the clubs involved in the United Rugby Championship, Sportsbreaks will provide ticket-inclusive hotel packages for the URC Grand Final.

The United Rugby Championship features 16 teams across five countries and two hemispheres, including Edinburgh, Ospreys, Ulster, Lions and more.

“We’re hugely excited to announce a new partnership with United Rugby Championship. With teams across Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, and Wales, the United Rugby Championship is a competition which features a significant volume of travel for corporates, staff, and match officials,” said managing director of Destination Sport Travel and Sportsbreaks, Rob Slawson.

“We’re well versed in navigating the complexities of this travel, having worked with a number of United Rugby Championship’s teams for several years. We look forward to providing a best-in-class travel provision for United Rugby Championship and its teams, staff and officials, plus creating a new range of supporter travel packages via our Sportsbreaks brand.”

United Rugby Championship chief executive, Martin Anayi, said: “The URC Grand Final is a culmination of the best-of-the-best in rugby, and we are delighted to have Sportsbreaks on board to ensure our fans are able to enjoy this annual rugby spectacle.”