Brand new Suset Festival coming to Denmark in August

Featured Image: Photo by Mogens Maagaard on Unsplash

Denmark is due to stage the inaugural Suset Festival in Esbjerg from August 16-17 this year with award-winning duo Nik & Jay set to headline.

Their Danish compatriots Andreas Odbjerg, D-A-D, Medina, Barcelona, Gobs, ICEKIID, and Pil are also on the billing, with more acts to be announced.

The event is planned to take place in the city’s harbour and has been created in collaboration between Live Nation and Esbjerg Municipality.

Ticket prices start at DKK 595 (£68/$86/€80) for under-25 day passes and go up to DKK 1,250 for the full weekend.

Organisers state that their mission is to gather people from across generations in the city, with the programme putting Danish artists to the fore.

The long-term aim is to create a musical line-up with household names from both Denmark and abroad.

“Suset will be a festival with big ambitions and high quality, and we can all look forward to some magical days together at Esbjerg Harbour,” said festival director Tobias Kippenberger.

“With Nik & Jay, we kick off the ball by bringing one of the country’s strongest live names back to Esbjerg after a seven-year absence, and I’m sure it will be a huge party when the audience gets to experience Suset for the first time this summer.”

“The venue is being lent to the organisers by NorSea, which provides base and logistics services.

“This means that Denmark’s largest base operation will have to move its activities to another location on the harbour for a six-week period, but NorSea’s managing director Jesper Høj-Hansen is happy to help.

“We want to support the culture in Esbjerg and also the ambition to raise the culture to a new level,” he said.

“If this means that we must change the logistics for a period of time, we are happy to do so.”