Michael Johnson’s new track league raises $30m to target fans ahead of launch

Photo by Chau Cédric on Unsplash

The new fan-focused track league created by US Olympic sprinting legend Michael Johnson has attracted more than $30m in funding ahead of its launch.

The investment round was led by Winners Alliance, a global, athlete-centric commercial solution and Johnson’s operating partner. The so-far unnamed project is to officially launch in June, with the league itself slated to begin in 2025.

The cash will aid Johnson’s ultimate goal of developing better engagement with fans by promoting track and field’s biggest stars and reaching new audiences with unique, innovative storytelling.

Johnson has also announced a series of strategic partnerships with agencies Doubleday & Cartwright, Two Circles, and SRK Strategies.

Two Circles, the sports marketing agency, will advise the new league on how to achieve their objectives of generating new fans and galvanising the millions of existing avid track fans with the exciting track competition across all mediums.

Doubleday & Cartwright, an independent creative studio based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, will create the League’s graphic identity. SRK will lead the public relations operations of the new league, managing press access and increasing outreach.

“The addition of Doubleday & Cartwright, Two Circles, and SRK Strategies will allow our league to expand its media and creative outreach,” said Johnson. “These three companies are at the forefront of their respective industries, and we’re excited to add each of their strings to our collective bow. This is a hugely exciting expansion of our operation as we continue to gain momentum towards our launch and beyond.”

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