Cinemas across Hong Kong offer discounted tickets

Featured Image: Wpcpey/CC BY 3.0

All 63 cinemas in Hong Kong offered discounted tickets at HK$30 (£3.10/$3.80/€3.60) to mark Hong Kong Cinema Day.

The second edition of the event, organised by the Hong Kong Theatres Association, was held yesterday (April 21) and saw major companies take part including Broadway Circuit, Cinema Circuit, Emperor Cinemas, MCL Circuit and more.

The tickets covered all regular film types in addition to special ones such as IMAX and 4DX as more than 70 films were shown especially for the occasion.

It proved to be a success with reports of 18,000 people in queues to purchase tickets online.

“The price is really quite attractive and it’s a once-a-year event,” said one customer Vikki Au.

“I love going to the movies anyway, and HK$30 is such a good deal – you can’t even get that watching the discounted early showings.”

A staff member at one venue said the in-person queue was about 30% bigger than on typical days.

The inaugural Hong Kong Cinema Day was held on April 27 last year and drew a record high single-day attendance of nearly 222,000 film fans.

The Hong Kong Theatres Association said the event had received “enthusiastic support”.

“Cinemas learned from the experience last year and made sufficient preparations for both online and offline ticket sales,” said the organisation’s chairman Timothy Yuen Yin-man.

“They have also prepared a rich and diverse film line-up for the event to ensure that audiences with different preferences can have an enjoyable Sunday.”