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Total Ticketing enters Latin American market with latest partnership

Featured Image: Photo by Robbie Herrera on Unsplash

Total Ticketing has agreed a deal to supply ticketing services to Ticketbox Mexico which provides business-to-consumer tickets in the country.

The collaboration is expected to be highly significant for Total Ticketing which has been exploring its options in the region for some time.

“We’ve been analysing the Latin American market for many years and have been searching for an ideal partner with which to launch,” said Total Ticketing sales director Martin Haigh.

“We’ve localised our product offering for the Latin American market and are super excited to be working with TICKETBOX Mexico, to couple their management team’s energy, relationships and vision with our technology.”

Total Ticketing is a business-to-business supplier of live event inventory management and ticketing software catering to stadiums, arenas, companies and more.

It currently operates globally with licence holders in regions such as North America, Europe and South-East Asia.

Ticketbox Mexico was founded in Veracruz and boasts a clientele list including Salsa Fest Veracruz, Festival Cumbre Tajin, Boca del Río Philharmonic Orchestra, and Red Falcons Basketball.

“Total Ticketing’s agile software will open up new business opportunities both locally and internationally,” said Ticketbox Mexico chief executive Joaquín Trujillo Negrete.

“Our B2C clients will benefit from a significantly enhanced and comprehensive suite of tools to increase discovery and sales.

“We are excited to become a reseller of Total Ticketing’s software in Latin America, there are many stadiums, arenas, promoters and attractions that require localised features, functions and support.”