Arsenal Women continue to break records as average attendance exceeds 35,000

Featured Image: Arne Müseler/CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

Arsenal Women has made history by selling more than 60,000 tickets at Emirates Stadium in back-to-back fixtures, as the side beat rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby yesterday (Sunday).

The Gunners reported a crowd of 60,050 for the 1-0 win, which followed on from a Women’s Super League (WSL) record of 60,160 against Manchester United on February 17.

This has caused the team’s average crowds to reach above 35,000, with 280,048 supporters attending eight of the 11 home matches this season.

Usually, Arsenal plays at the 4,500-capacity Meadow Park but is hosting six of its 11 home league matches at the 60,704-capacity Emirates Stadium, which traditionally hosts the men’s team.

WSL matches at main stadiums have become increasingly regular, but it is Arsenal that has had the most success.

The club sold out 12,000 “home advantage packs” which ensured access to all of the matches at Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal has also implemented a tiered pricing structure, which incentivises early purchases and has played a part in generating ticket sales.

“It’s got to be one of the best models in the UK but maybe across the world,” former England striker Ellen White told the BBC.

“We’ve seen the likes of Barcelona selling out but they have done it a few times and it’s not a regular thing for them. The model seems incredible.”

She added: “We’re selling all the tickets and we’ve got people who are coming.”

“I think that’s really important and it’s an important model across the game in general. We’ve shown this year that it’s doable and there’s this want for it and it’s entertaining.

“It’s recognising what’s required to get that amount of people at certain games. In general you can see there’s the want there so longer term that is the aim if we want the game to continue to grow.”

Arsenal has broken the WSL attendance record three times this season, and each of the league’s four highest attendances have occurred at the Emirates.

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