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Gantner Ticketing becomes Vintia after undergoing rebrand

Featured Image: Vintia

Gantner Ticketing will now be known as Vintia after joining the Salto Wecosystem, and is said to have a renewed focus on providing bespoke experiences for a wide range of venues.

Vintia claimed that the rebrand not only signals a new identity, but emphasises its aim to meet the needs of the leisure and attractions industry.

“The development of Salto Wecosystem gave us an opportunity to take Gantner Ticketing and its 35-year history and give it its own identity under a new brand name,” said Vintia chief executive Edwin Hemkes.

“Vintia’s all-in-one ticketing and booking management solution for the leisure industry deserves to flourish on its own as it has the power to improve the visitor experience during some of the most important memory-making events in a person’s life.”

Vintia provides customer experiences in sports clubs, visitor attractions, zoos, water parks, amusement parks, and museums.

The launch of the Salto Wecosystem will be accompanied by a new visual identity for Vintia including a logo, colour scheme, and typography. It is due to be gradually implemented across all corporate materials.

“Vintia’s approach to innovation is evident in its market-leading software applications, designed to streamline and enrich both the visitor and sales journey,” read a Vintia statement.

“Its extensive work to improve every aspect of visitor engagement further underscores the brand’s global influence as part of the Salto Wecosystem.

“Vintia is set to redefine industry standards, continually innovating to deliver comprehensive solutions that shape the future of ticketing and booking. Its role in the Salto Wecosystem ensures Vintia will remain at the forefront of technology and service, transforming how visitors experience leisure and attractions centres worldwide.”