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StubHub attracts more new female than male customers for first time

StubHub is reaching out to more female customers and music fans than ever before after its successful rebranding during 2016.

The eBay-owned ticket reseller was concerned that it was viewed primarily as a platform for male sports fans, and acted to redefine its corporate identity in May.

The company launched a new advertising campaign and introduced a new logo and “vibrant” colour palette, according to chief executive Jennifer Betka.

In an interview with the MarketingLand website, Betka said the action was taken to more accurately define its purpose of “connect[ing] people through live experiences — and appeal to a wider audience, across more event types, and in more cities around the world”.

Betka added that metrics for Q3 show that StubHub attracted more new female than male customers for the first time while more new customers purchased first in the music genre versus the sports genre.

Betka said: “Today, the StubHub brand reflects a broader view of live experiences, to appeal to fans of singer Adele as much as fans of boxer Anthony Joshua.

“But we’re only getting started, and we’re working to realise this vision across more of our marketing and brand programs in 2017.”

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