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Merlin Entertainments set to introduce dynamic pricing

Featured Image: Jtorquy/CC BY-SA 4.0

Merlin Entertainments is due to introduce a new dynamic pricing model for its global attractions including Legoland parks, Sea Life aquariums, and Madame Tussauds museums.

The company’s new airline-style pricing model will see visitors pay more on peak summer weekends than on off-season weekdays.

Scott O’Neill, the chief executive of Merlin Entertainments which owns 141 attractions in 23 countries, said the group was aiming to introduce the surge pricing at its top 20 global attractions by the end of this year. Big attractions in the US are then expected to follow next year.

Merlin Entertainments said in a statement that the new system “brings us in line with competitors and the broader holiday industry that have similar pricing structures, which benefit guests who choose to book off-peak,” as reported by the Guardian.

It said the changes would “enable greater flexibility for guests booking online to choose discounted prices for select dates and times”.

The system will use machine learning to flex prices in response to supply and demand.

“To ensure we continue to deliver the best value and experience for our guests, we regularly review our pricing structure and admission prices in line with the marketplace and we reduce them in off peak periods,” the statement continued.

“This also makes sure that the peak period experience is optimised by avoiding overcrowding. This approach clearly works because our guest satisfaction is at an all-time high.”

The new pricing scheme comes after Merlin Entertainments posted record revenue.

The group made £2.1bn ($2.6bn/€2.45bn) in 2023, marking an 8% increase over the previous year, while welcoming around 62 million visitors to its attractions.