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Manchester City fans call for meeting with club after protest against season ticket prices

Featured Image: Photo by Mark mc neill on Unsplash

Manchester City fan group 1894 has called on the club to hold a meeting about the increase of season ticket prices.

The English Premier League club’s prices increased by an average of 5%, which prompted all four supporter groups to ask for a freeze instead.

“The club have got their own fan advisory board, City Matters, and some of their members are extremely frustrated about the club treating them like a box-ticking exercise,” read an 1894 statement.

“We would like an emergency meeting with fans to talk about all the issues around season cards, ticket levels, the way that a lot of match tickets seem to be siphoned off into packages for whoever has the most money. There are a number of things that the club should address.

“We want the club to speak to the fans to say how many tickets go to corporate sponsors for home and away, how many go to third party sites and just come clean about the plans. If they want to generate revenue, talk to the fans and maybe it can be done in a different way that doesn’t alienate so many fans.”

Ticket prices have gone up at Etihad Stadium in eight of the last 10 seasons, with the club citing inflation as the reason behind it.

However, the club still posted record revenues and profits, which sparked protest from fans during the most recent match against Arsenal.

Members of the 1894 group unfurled a banner before kick-off that read “Record profits but record prices: Stop exploiting fan loyalty.”

It was later removed and confiscated by stewards. City officials said the banner would be returned, but was taken down because it was covering an advertising board and part of the scoreboard which is against club policy.