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StubHub expects Super Bowl LI to be its biggest ever sale

Super Bowl ticket resale prices fell by 15 per cent year-on-year, according to StubHub.

The eBay-owned operator said the average ticket price was $4,004 (£3,200/€3,700) ahead of last night’s epic showdown between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons in Houston.

However, Stubhub reported selling tickets at a 25 per cent higher volume, and said it is likely that it will be the highest-selling event of the company’s 17-year history.

StubHub said the playoff losses of popular teams such as the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys explained the phenomenon.

“With the lower ticket price, we’re seeing more tickets sold as more fans are taking advantage of the opportunity to attend [the Super Bowl] at a more affordable price point,” Jessica Erskine, StubHub’s head of entertainment communications, told ABC News.

“When the Cowboys were eliminated by the Packers, we saw that a lot of Cowboys fans who had likely been hoping to see them go all the way, unloaded their tickets but now we see that locals are picking them back up with the lower price points even though their team isn’t playing the game.”

The weakening of demand was also linked to Patriots fatigue, with Tom Brady’s team reaching their third Super Bowl in six years, and the Falcons’ relatively small fan base.

StubHub said the lowest price of a seat was $1,500 in the Upper Corner section, and the highest price was for $15,432 in the Lower Prime section of the stadium.