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Steps ticket price ‘tragedy’ proves an online hit

A Steps fan has scored an unlikely social media hit with a rant against ticket prices he deemed a ‘tragedy’ for the reformed 90s pop act’s forthcoming tour.

In a video that might be ‘better best forgotten’ for the cheesy ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ stars, more than 200,000 viewers have now watched Adam Lance’s complaint that £100 (€115/$124) per ticket is too much and that Steps should “sort it out”.

Steps announced earlier this month that they would release a new single and go on tour. The ‘Tragedy’ act will play 14 gigs in November and December at venues including London’s O2 Arena and SSE Arena, Wembley.

While one lot of £100 would have been sorrow for Lance, the 28-year-old was looking to buy two tickets for the reunion tour in December at the Manchester Arena, and was horrified that only three-figure seats remained.

He took to Facebook to rant via a selfie video – under the pseudynom Hugo MacQueenie – tagging the official Steps account and telling them to “sort it out, seriously upset”.

In the rant, the Manchester restaurant worker, said: “I forgive, but I won’t forget. £100 each! £200 for both of them! I could go on holiday to Benidorm for £250 all inclusive – flights, accommodation, unlimited alcohol, for a week. I’m absolutely fuming.”

“This is supposed to be 20 years celebrating Steps, right, and they are supposed to be loyal to their fans. There’s nothing loyal about that!

“Steps, if you get this video, any one of you, and one of the five of you get hold of this video, I’m a loyal fan but I’m not spending £200 to see you. If you love me that much you can send me two tickets.

“Get back to me. £200 to see you. I can see Lady Gaga for £85.”

View the video here