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Rochdale season ticket prices will be dependent on sales

Rochdale, the English League One football club, will offer 2017-18 season tickets for just £110 ($136/€126) if more than 4,000 are purchased.

The club is calling on fans to help it meet ambitious sales targets, and set the base figure as next season coincides with the 110th anniversary of its formation. Rochdale hopes that supporters will encourage their friends and family to join them in buying tickets in the knowledge that a successful campaign will see a reduction in prices for all.

Rochdale said that if sales fail to hit the target, a higher price will be imposed. If over 3,000 season tickets are sold, the cost will be £40 more, while if only 2,500 or even 2,000 tickets are sold, the prices will be £200 and £250, respectively.

The club said in a statement: “Working together we can achieve savings for you the fans and a great atmosphere for match-days.

“If you could introduce another two or more season ticket holders, whether it be family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours, we could realistically achieve the 4,000 target.”

Rochdale currently holds the second lowest attendance numbers in League One for the current season. The average attendance to games at its 10,249-capacity Spotland Stadium is only 3,384, with its highest attendance record this season hitting 6,011.

Supporters will need to pay a £50 deposit up front starting from Monday, March 27 to reserve their seats. After the June 21 deadline day, prices will be locked for all those who have paid the deposit during the allotted time frame. Therefore, the final price of the ticket depends on how many deposits are made by then.

If supporters miss the deadline, they will need to pay the top price band, irrespective of the number of sales. The club also said that if it fails to reach the 2,000 minimum target, prices would be frozen from the 2016-17 season ticket prices, which started at £314.50.

“We now need the people of Rochdale to get behind our season ticket initiative and help us achieve the lowest possible price,” Rochdale said in its statement.

“From Monday we ask that you purchase a 2017-18 season ticket deposit and tell everyone about it.

“The more deposits we sell, the cheaper the price will be. So let’s all pull together on this fantastic initiative and we can all benefit. You, the team, the club and the community will all be winners together.”

The final locked price will apply to all groups aged 17 and over and to all stands, and will cover the 23 League games. Single match day ticket prices will remain the same as 2016-17, costing between £17 and £22 depending on the stand.