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Aiken warns against secondary websites

Peter Aiken, one of Ireland’s leading music promoters, has warned fans against snapping up tickets from secondary ticketing websites.

Aiken said that secondary websites cannot guarantee that the seller actually has the tickets for sale.

“You don’t have to prove that you actually have tickets,” he told the Irish Times newspaper.

“In all my years, I have never met anybody or spoke to anybody who got two tickets off Seatwave at face value. The minute tickets go on sale they go on Seatwave. You’ve got to remember that a lot of those tickets you see are people speculating. They don’t actually have tickets.”

Aiken issued the warning ahead of concerts featuring singer Ed Sheeran (pictured) at the 3Arena  this Wednesday and Thursday. Aiken is promoting the events.

“Promoters are guaranteeing vast sums of money bringing these artists in and yet vast sums of money can be made on the back of other people’s endeavour, particularly the artists as well,” Aiken said.